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Boy From The Stars


The Boy from the Stars
The Boy From the Stars
Take It On Easy
Nothing Much Left
Space Brothers
Alchemical Takeover
Kids Blues
The Right Way To Go
Reason To Be Living

A ambitious concept album using the cream of Australian musicians. A collectors item today. Re-released on CD as a 25th anniversary celebration. The album's science fiction theme tells the story of a visitor from another planet who tries to warn the earth of impending doom through the misuse of various sources of power. Jim wrote most of the music and all of the lyrics, assumed the role of Boy From The Stars and is the commentator on the action.

Red On The Meter
Red On The Meter
Lucifer Street
All Locked Up
Do You Think You Can Make It
Car Radio
Counting On You
Little Murders
The Eighties
Living Dead

Admirable, if not particularly adventurous, set containing several energetic tunes in All Locked Up, Little Murders and Living Dead. Lucifer Street was released as a single, but without a band to aid in promotion the single and the album sank without a trace.

Ian McFarlane Freedom Train 1994

Pressure Makes Diamonds
Pressure Makes Diamonds original cover
Pressure Makes Diamonds
Waiting For The Big One
This Song
Somebody Loves You
Broken Promises
Sleeping Giant
All Your Love
Some Call It Love
When The Ring Is Broken
Pressure Makes Diamonds

Jim had these songs written, but had no record deal. By borrowing equipment and friend's time he recorded them everywhere from lounge rooms to backyard studios. Jim did the whole CD from conception to the completion .

His idea was to "flog them off at gigs". The finished product was so good that BMG Australia picked it up, re-designed the cover and released it to rave reviews, even being hailed as album of the year by one critic.
A few copies with the orignal (rare) cover have been found.
Single Label Number Date
Kid's Blues / Interplanetary Boogie EMI 106335 12/74
The Boy From The Stars / Take It On Easy EMI 10656 2/75
Give It Up / Love Is EMI 10822 /75
Undecided / For Someone
As- Jim Keays' Southern Cross
CBS BA 22188 /75
Lucifer Street / Australian Rules
As- The Keays. Picture sleeve
Cleopatra CSP 2208 /81
Happy Christmas (War is Over) Virgin ??? 10/85
Undecided / Dubcided
As- Jim Keays. Picture sleeve
Virgin VOZ 017 6/87
Psychotic Reaction / Bates Motel
As- Jim Keays. Picture sleeve
Virgin VOZ 021 8/87
Our Children's World
Oz Art for Ozone Fund
Virgin ??? 8/89
Waiting For The Big One(radio edit)
Waiting For The Big One(album version)
Sleeping Giant
Possum PDSCD 538 /94
This Song / All Your Love Possum PDSCD 559 /94
12" Single Label Number Date
Undecided(Off Your Face Mix
Dubcided / Undecided(Radio Mix)
Undecided(Electro Boy Slim Mix)
Picture sleeve
Virgin VOZ 017112 6/87
Psychotic Reaction
(Bates Motel Psycho Lobotomy Mix)
Psychotic Reaction(7" mix)
Bates Motel
Picture sleeve
Virgin VOZT 021 8/87