Cotoon Keays Morris
Westside Talent review

Whoever thought of putting these 3 rock legends of the 60's & 70's together is a genius. The chemistry of this trio's live performances has to be seen to be believed and is drawing capacity houses throughout Australia.
Darryl Cotton, formerly of "Zoot" fame and Jim Keays, legendary lead singer of "Masters Apprentices" are joined by Russell Morris singing his famous hits such as "The Real Thing", "Sweet Sweet Love", "Hush" and "Rachael". This is a unique Australian act that should not be missed.

Legends Play with Power and Glory

Cotton Keays Morris ReviewIn these negotiable times, when pop stars have become disposable products with short shelf lives, it's reassuring to know that the best of the Australian rock identities of the 60's and 70's still stand out.

Forget the mock nostalgia trip off Shout. Daryl Cotton, Jim Keays and Russell Morris are the real thing and they're singing up a storm at Capers.
This is a top shelf show by three present day legends. Mercifully, the production is not a retro tribute trip. Keays, Morris and Cotton come to the stage with material from their own careers.

The charts have been rearranged for the new combination and each song withstands the test of time. The unplugged for-part vocal harmonies and guitar tracks bring a brand new feeling to each. There is a vividness and vitality to the feel that really rocks.
The performance driven by the powerhouse sound of Keays' voice and Morris's guitar are squeaky clean. In an evening littered with rich memories and moments, it's difficult to pick out the finest contributions. Cotton leads a cool version of Eleanor Rigby, KEays blitzes 5.10 Man and Elevator Driver, and the unmistakable Morris delivers Sweet Sweet Love and Real Thing as if it were the first time he had sung them.

Peter Valentine on piano and vocals is a vital link and deserves more recognition on stage. While other 70's rock stars have settled into careers in lifestyle television, Cotton, Keays and Morris are doing what they do best - wowing the audience.

Reviewed by Xenia Hanusiak
Herald Sun Feb. 09 2001