future of our nation is the classic track off this album. written after the choice cuts sessions and released as a single it got plenty of air play and was one of the first heavy metal songs to chart in australia. the only song the masters had rehearsed properly.

evil woman was just a long jam session the masters used to play on the boat on the way to england

because i love you is done well but suffers in comparison with the rising creschendo of the studio version

light a fire was written in 10 minutes and sounds like it

future of our nation
evil woman
because i love you
light a fire
when i've got your soul
fresh air by the ton

when i've got your soul was written on the day and under rehearsed but highlights doug's guitar playing.

fresh air by the ton, again a hastily written tune, is really an extended solo from doug, but what a solo!



other tunes performed at the concert were a couple of traffic songs -
heaven is in your mind and dear mr fantasy and a cover of spoonful.

turn up your radio was probably played to keep the crowd happy.

the original recording has been lost and may be unearthed one day.