having just flown in from england the last thing the masters were thinking of was recording a live album

the masters were broke and on tour to get money in order to go back to england. because i love had been released (december 1970) and choice cuts was going to be released soon.

touring meant there was no time to get into the studio so howard gable arrived with a 4 track recorder and announced that the perth concert at the nickelodeon theatre was going to be recorded for a live album

they didn't want to use tracks off choice cuts as it was soon to be released. they also didn't want to play their old tracks as this wasn't where the band was now at.

future of our nation
evil woman
because i love you
light a fire
when i've got your soul
fresh air by the ton

this left them with a dilemma. what to play? the only solution seemed to be to play cover songs or write some new ones. they did both.

under rehearsed and writing spur of the moment songs did
not auger well for the performance.

all this taken into account the masters produced a
creditable effort that highlights doug's ability.