1. Masterpiece (3:43)
2. Who Do You Think You Are (3:08)
3. Barefoot When I Saw Her (3:54)
4. St. John Wood (1:59)
5. 5:10 Man (2:48)
6. A Dog, a Siren and Memories (3:08)
7. Linda, Linda (2:34)
8. Isabella (2:29)
9. Captivating Voice (2:00)
10. Piece of Me (2:13)
11. Titanic (3:27)
12. How I Love You (3:05)

Total Time 34:28

At an attempt at something different the Masters recorded Linda, Linda - total bubblegum pop with banal lyrics, banjo and kazoo. It's Jim's least favourite Masters song. The flip side of the single Merry Go Round is a hard hitting rock song that gave an early glimpse of the direction the Masters were about to go.

5:10 Man was the second single. The sound was tougher, a well balanced cross of rock and pop, ably supported by the Chiffons (a local 3 piece girl group) on backing vocals. It was a big hit and allowed the Masters to survive into the next era.

Think About Tomorrow Today, the next single was a thumping straight ahead rock song, using feedback and lyrics reflecting sociopolitcal awareness. It did ever better than 5:10 Man. The flip side A Dog, A Siren & Memories attracted a fair bit of attention too, with its Simon and Garfunkel inpired instrumentation and tearjerk lyrics about a lost canine. A passing motorbike was accidentally recorded onto the track. The dog's howl sounded more like a rooster.

All tracks by Ford/Keays


Turn Up Your Radio was recorded late 1969

Masterpiece was released Feb 1970, but some of the material was already 2 years old. Jim sees it as a hotchpotch and a mismatch of obsolete ideas and various styles from days long past.


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