Masters Apprentices - 1967 Original tracks
  1. But One Day
  2. Wars Or Hands Of Time - B Side anti-Vietnam war song, now regarded as a classic.
  3. Dancing Girl - Great Bo Diddley cover version from the original sessions.
  4. I Feel Fine - Beatles cover
  5. My Girl - Otis Redding cover
  6. Undecided - Written as a filler, released as a single and now a classic
  7. Hot Gully Wind
  8. Theme For A Social Climber
  9. Don't Fight It- Wilson Pickett cover
  10. She's My Girl
  11. Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry cover
  12. Buried And Dead

First Album

  1998 Re-released as part of a 2 CD set packaged with Choice Cuts.

  1. Undecided
  2. War or Hands of Time
  3. Buried and Dead
  4. Poor Boy
  5. Living in a Child's Dream
  6. Elevator Driver
  7. Brigette
  8. But One Day
  9. Hot Gully Wind
  10. She's My Girl
  11. Dancing Girl
  12. Theme For A Social Climber
  13. Tired of Just Wandering
  14. 4 Years of 5
  • Dropped from original

    I Feel Fine
    My Girl
    Don't Fight It
    Johnny B Goode



  • A side 1st single
  • B side 1st single
  • A side 2nd single
  • Adelaide TV show - first official recording by the Masters
  • A side 3rd single - Classic psychedelic
  • A side 4th single - by Brian Cadd/Max Ross from The Group
  • A side 5th single
  • A side 6th single
  • B side 2nd single
  • B side 4th single - Astor needed something as a B-side
  • B side 3rd single
  • B side 5th single - written by Jim and Peter Tilbrook

Jim chose to omit the inferior cover versions in favour of the stronger singles that followed the original release of the album.
The added tracks are in bold.


Complete Recordings 1965-1968 Released 1999

01. Undecided (Bower/Morrison)
02. Poor Boy (Bower)
03. But One Day (Bower)
04. Dancing Girl (Diddley)
05. She's My Girl (Bower)
06. Hot Gully Wind (Bower)
07. Theme For A Social Climber (Bower)
08. Buried And Dead (Bower)
09. Johnny B Goode (Berry)
10. Don't Fight It (Picket/Cropper)
11. Four Years Of Five (Keays/Tillbrook)
12. I Feel Fine (Lennon/McCartney)
13. My Girl (Robinson/White)
14. Brigette (Ford/Keays) - The first of many
15. I Feel Fine (alternate version)
16. Dear Dad (Berry)
17. Inside Looking Out (Lomax/Burdon/Chandler)
18. War Or Hands Of Time (Bower)
19. Elevator Driver (Ross/Cadd)
20. Tired Of Just Wandering (Bower)
21. Living In A Child's Dream (Bower)
22. Bye Bye Johnny (Berry)
23. Black Girl (In The Pines) (Ledbetter)


Compiles all the material that was ever released on the Astor label. 4 tracks (in bold) were from the 1966 demos. The other new track is an unearthed alternative of Ihe Beatles 'I Feel Fine'
Digi- pak Deluxe Edition remasterered from original recordings - Released 2009

The Masters Apprentices 1967
1. But One Day
2. War Or Hands Of Time
3. Dancing Girl
4. I Feel Fine
5. My Girl
6. Undecided
7. Hot Gully Wind
8. Theme For A Social Climber
9. Don't Fight It
10. She's My Girl
11. Johnny B. Goode
12. Buried And Dead
Bonus Tracks Singles 1967/1968
13. Living In A Child's Dream
14. Tired Of Just Wandering
15. Elevator Driver
16. Brigitte
17. Four Years Of Five
Alternative Version
18. I Feel Fine (alternate version)

Blast off - Demos & Garage Rehearsals 1966
1. Blast Off
Demos 1966
2. Inside Looking Out
3. Black Girl (In The Pines)
4. Bye Bye Johnny
5. Dear Dad
6. Poor Boy
In the Garage, April 1966
7. Bye Bye Baby
8. Wild Wild Party
9. Got My Mojo Working
10. Not Fade Away
11. Bright Lights, Big City
12. Little Girl
13. Around And Around
14. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
15. Cops And Robbers
16. Dimples
17. Just A Little Bit
18. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
19. Don't Bring Me Down
20. Hey Bo Diddley
21. Road Runner

At last, a release that puts everything in order.