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Jim Keays has been labelled a "national treasure" and that's a well-deserved title. Having endured some significant trials and tribulations of late, no-one expected that Jim would deliver a comeback album, let alone one that has already seen critics (and the like) salivating over the vitality and panache of its contents. Initially concieved as a "garage-punk" album, Dirty Dirty ended up as, simply, a great rock album that harks back to the early day of the Master's Apprentices and beyond... from

1. 125
2. Starvation
3. Do Ya
4. Whiskey Woman
5. Dirty, Dirty
6. Tell Me When It's Over
7. Time Has Come Today
8. Midnight Bus
9. Come See Me (I'm Your Man)
10. Save My Soul
11. Mystic Eyes