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Home is where the art is for a music legend

When Jim Keays sits to create his latest work, the riffs are more like ripples of colour in a peaceful serene world. The lead singer with the 70's band Masters Apprentices is as much at home with the artist paintbrush as he is with the microphone.

That doesn't mean Jim has turned his back on the Australian music industry.

"I've been interested in drawing and painting all my life" says Jim. "It's just that I put my interest in art on the back burner until about 3 years ago." he says

Jim took watercolour lessons. "It sparked my interest and I gleaned some useful hints" he says. That blossomed again during the recent Long Way To The Top tour. "There was a lot of waiting around in hotel rooms, so I would gaze out the window, pick up my brush and start painting" he says.

Jim likes to paint real life and landscapes fit the bill. "It's an extension of my music. It's another form of artistic expression" says Jim, who wants to continue developing his painting and is hoping to take advanced classes.

"I also want to paint Australian rock stars of the past - the guy and his guitar - but I'm sticking with landscapes at the moment because I find them easier" he says.

He would also like to paint the old haunts of the Masters Apprentices, the early gigs where they cut their teeth. "There was the Thumping Tum in Melbourne which I wouldn't mind revisiting with my paint brush" he says.

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Words - Doug Booth, Photo Chris Groenhout

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