Cotton Keays & Morris








cmk Same Old GirlĀ 
Living In A Child's Dream
Don't Let It Get To You
Elevator Driver
Will I
5:10 Man
Mr America
Waiting For The Big One
The Wings of An Eagle
The Boy From The Stars
Here Comes Another Heartache
(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue
Sweet Sweet Love
Think About Tomorrow Today
Because I Love You
The Real Thing
Eleanor Rigby
Turn Up Your Radio


Russell Morris, Jim Keays and Darryl Cotton were among the first Australian artists to look beyond the amiable impotence of a local pop music scene which considered itself inferior to the imports that dominated us for so long. As members of Zoot, The Masters Apprentices and Somebody's Image they decided to think big - and in doing so changed the face of Australian music.

As Cotton Keays & Morris, they can choose from several hundred self-penned songs, more than 40 of which were rock solid chart hits. Each of them can take credit for some of the handful of genuine masterpieces of Australian recording - many of which appear on this landmark DVD - songs such as The Real Thing, Because I Love You, Eleanor Rigby, Wings Of An Eagle, Turn Up Your Radio, and Will I.

And then there are the moments of untouchable beauty like Sweet Sweet Love, Living In A Child's Dream, Rachel and Boy From The Stars. Here it is: an emphatic endorsement of the talents of three giants of Australian rock.

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