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DARRYL COTTON, JIM KEAYS & RUSSELL MORRIS between them have produced an astonishing 42 charting records, 10 of which have become bona fide classics. They represent the cornerstone of 60's and 70's Australian music and cover a wide range of styles from early garage punk, psychedelia, power pop, rock and progressive rock through to modern adult orientated songs and beautiful ballads.

Darryl Cotton – a gold record contributor with hits: Same Old Girl, Eleanor Rigby, Don’t Let It Get To You and Will I. Darryl has had a consistent career with many highlights including live theatre shows, hosting the Early Bird show (channel 10) plus numerous tours both within Australia as well as internationally with Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard, The Osmond Brothers & Shaun Cassidy.

Jim Keays - the accolades for Jim & the legendary Masters Apprentices are seemingly endless, a string of hits including: Living in a Child’s Dream, Turn Up Your Radio, Because I love You, Elevator Driver, 5:10 Man and many more have made this man a living legend within the Australian music scene. Jim has become a top-selling author ensuring that the legend lives on.

Russell Morris – singing his gold record hits: The Real Thing, On the Wings of an Eagle, Sweet Sweet Love, Hush and Rachael. Russell is a major popular vocalist on the Australian rock scene, singer / songwriter & star in many outstanding productions throughout Australia & New Zealand.